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With the pending transfer of control of Hong Kong from the British to the People's Republic of China those in fear of certain prosecution flee.  The magnitude of such an endeavor has never before attempted, 10,000 migrants board a ship operated by the criminal Triad in hopes of a new life in America.  Lonsu Wai-can gives up her life and family in fear of execution, but now she must survive the horrors of life on board Kamishu.  Lieutenant Mariella Aruna must stop them.  Teaming up with an agent from the CIA and Britain's MI6, she travels half way around the world in pursuit.  This is a story of survival on the high seas and of the Coast Guard's attempt to stop the largest migration in history. 


At the outset of World War II German U-Boats sank 259 ships—most within sight of shore—and the only thing between them and the worst maritime defeat in U.S. history was the Coast Guard’s Corsair Fleet.  Civilian sailors offered up their yachts and volunteered to stop the Nazi onslaught in this hastily formed reserve force.  This is the thrilling story of four men and their heroic efforts to confront the enemy.  Two aging world-class sailors, a businessman with ties to the underworld, and a young Coast Guard petty officer overcome adversity and the clash of personalities to take on the most advanced weapon put to sea.


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